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    Dec 3, 2011

    NOTW: Gray leopard print

    Hello beauty bloggers! So I've been gone for so long I don't even know where to start. Ill be trying my best to get back into regular blogging and decided to kick it off with a NOTW. This was from months ago and i think i posted it on my twitter. Hope y'all like it and i hope to be blogging at least once a week.

    Nov 1, 2011


    BNIB Mac honey salve for $27 including shipping. US only with D/C

    I also have BNIB Mac Disney villains Bite of an apple blush. $40 including shipping

    If anyone is interested, I have a BNIB Mac stereo rose msf for sale $45 including shipping. US only with D/C.

    I realize this is random but I have many makeup items that I don't use and these were just backups. I haven't had the time to do any official blog posts. Please email me at if you are interested.

    US only with D/C and I only accept paypal. Thanks!

    Apr 12, 2011

    Meals and deals!

    I had a spontaneous trip to the casino with my bestie the other day. It was $7.99 for the buffet and I hadn't eaten all day so we figured why not. I'm glad we didn't pay more cause it wasn't worth it. We got so many plates because we were to lazy to go back. We didn't even finish one plate.
    Yesterday I made dinner for me, myself, and I. It's to bad I have no one to share it with. I need to learn how to cook for just me these days. I always make to much and the left overs just don't taste the same. It was salmon with capers, brussel sprouts with shallots, and a fresh mushroom salad. It was my first time making that. It's white mushrooms, Italian parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Super easy and super good!
    I've also had this unbelievable craving for red velvet cheesecake for a week! I decided today would be the perfect day to satisfy it. I was willing to pay up to $15 for the perfect most satisfying slice ever. Well thank you yelp cause this slice was only $3.50 and the BEST I've ever tasted so far! Definitely hit the spot!
    Next up will probably be a review on a hair product... take care!

    Apr 10, 2011

    NOTW: Ruby Kisses Lime Green With Envy neon

    Let me start by saying this is the first and last time I will buy this brand. It started out as thin then got really thick! And the color isn't true to the bottle! It's a really dull neon. I put 3 coats and its really goopy on my nails. It also smells like strong paint thinner. I know polishes smell bad, but this was making me dizzy. I'm very disappointed. I'm going to top it with the hot pink crackle to mask it. I don't have time to re do them now.

    Apr 9, 2011

    Feather extensions

    I decided to try out feather extensions. Here's the thing, Dar mentioned to me last year and when I saw them on manequins I thought it was ugly. Then it started to grow on me, and now everyone has them! Kinda annoying but I got them anyway. They're really cute and come in all different kinds of colors. Very easy to put in. I paid 5 for $25. I got a total of 10. You can put them in individually but I bundled 5 pieces together. I like the fact that you can wash and curl them and they stay in for months. The pricing I got was really good. I've seen places charge any where from 3 for $30-$200. It's pretty ridiculous. It's not real hair, they're feathers! I would never pay over $40 for 3 pieces if I never found this hook up. So we'll see hoe long I like these. Right now I love them! I might go back and have her place them closer to my face cause you can't really see them. I got a whole bunch of different colors but they do have the normal colors too.

    Apr 7, 2011

    Random shopping

    I've been picking up random things here and there. I've seen some girls talking about new wet n wild products coming out and I was surprised my Target had them. I picked up two palettes. One is silent treatment and the other is walking on eggshells. Both beautiful neutral palettes. I really wanted the hot pink and black palette but my mac hk looks similar enough. And I have so many blacks and hot pinks. The swatches are without a base. You can never have enough neutrals in my book. They also had retractable eyeliners for $1.97. I only use pencil for my lower lash line and usually black. I figured for $2 I wasn't gonna lose anything. I know their $.99 pencils suck and this one seems a lot smoother. It does say it last 12 hours but my swatch test proves otherwise. It smeared right when I ran my finer across it. But hey, who knows it might wear different on the eyes. We shall see.. the rest of the stuff is random polishes, a tattoo sunblock stick that I think is so cute and perfect to throw in my bag, and some cute earrings. Till next time...

    Apr 6, 2011

    NOTD: Essie Bright Tights

    Again with the neon! Bed, bath, and beyond had this Essie polish on clearance for $1.99! Couldn't pass that up. I only own one other Essie and its the mint candy Apple. I found that formula really thick after one coat. This was really thin. Idk if its cause it's neon or what. My China glaze neons are a little thin but I needed four coats to get it opaque! I expect it to peel in 3-4 days. however, it is a gorgeous bright neon Orange. I love it! One pic is w/o flash and the other is with. The one with flash is more true to life color.

    Mar 30, 2011

    Neon-Licious Nails

    I've been into creme finishes for everything since last year. They are just beautiful! This year I've grown into neons too! On my nails I used China Glaze purple panic(neon). My toes I used Revlon top speed in Guava. It's a beautiful color but I found the formula thick and streaky. I think its cause of the fast drying ingredients. It's weird though cause I don't really have that problem with my maybelline express dry polishes. My hair looked like the color of my nails when I first dyed it hot pink. I need to re bleach to get it that bright again.. but anyway, see you next post!

    Mar 29, 2011

    Finally a haircut & FOTD!

    HAIR: I've been meaning to get my hair thinned out for a while now. I have very fine but thick hair. I like it super thin.. Plus I wanted the pink to show more so I had my stylist thin out only the black hair. And then I had this urge to try bangs out again! So I showed her a pic of wispy bangs. I love it! There's a little to much on the sides but I'm just going to grow those out. I need to trim them a little more but I'll wait a bit... It does take a while to fix them how I like them. But it is so worth it! I have this fear of getting to much cut off so I never really cut my hair anymore. I went with a neck length bob before and I hated it so much. But anyways, the pictures are from my phone again. I never use my camera anymore. No time to upload pics and all that. So no photoshop in any of my pics. I have flaws just like everyone else! Luv ya'll! Next up is probably another haul! I did some major shopping the whole day! Got some really good deals! But it was mostly stuff I've been meaning to purchase for a while but I was waiting for good pricing!

    EYESHADOW: I rarely wear any eyeshadow anymore. Not cause I don't want to, I just never seem to have time anymore. Work, the divorce, kids, and just everyday life is keeping me busy.
    *I have TFSI, MAC painterly paintpot, MAC satellite dreams in the inner corner, the purple from the quad sugarpill palette in the middle of my lid, MAC fig 1 in the outer corner, the purple from the UD purple/silver palette in the crease and contour, and UD zero in the outer corner to deepen it.
    I also used MAC strange potion l/g from the Disney Villains collection for the first time on my bare lips and I love it! I don't wear l/s or l/g anymore really so it was nice for a change.

    Mar 28, 2011

    Small haul

    I don't really haul hardcore anymore. Lifes been to messy to shop. These are some things I've picked up here and there over the last couple of days. The earings and adoro lashes were only $1! And sallys had buy 2 get one free, so I got dry shampoo(fave brand for dry shampoo), matte clay(works really good for my wispy bangs), and I got volumizing powder that I've heard works wonders on roots. Oh and of course my fave ardell lashes. I bought 4 China glaze crackle but can't find the pink and black one. And 2 bright colors for summer. The reading brush is also from Sallys and it is amazzziinnggg! Best brush EVER! And 5 Revlon polished for $2.37 each. They're 40% off at rite aid this week! I'm glad I got a small retail fix. Now I need to go to MAC to get some essentials and maybe 1 or 2 extra goodies.